VersaSpa is Always Tan's premium sunless tanning system, giving you instant color with no UV light exposure. This beautiful UV free tanning will set between four and six hours after your session and will last up to seven days.

VersaSpa Lubbock is the absolute latest and greatest technology in sunless tanning with features that enhance both your tan and your overall experience. VersaSpa spray tanning Lubbock features four different full-body skin treatments, allowing each guest to customize their tanning application. Choose from a pre-sunless hydration spray, a skin bronzing solution, an anti-aging Lubbock skin care moisturizer, or a UV skin-defining maximizer. Our Lubbock Tanning Salon welcomes you to experience the myriad choices VersaSpa offers and the newest addition, VersaSpa Pro.

We're the only salon in town
that has the brand new VersaPro!


The Mystic Tan™ booth is a private, full-body, self-contained unit, with a DHA tanning process that utilizes MagneTan™ technology. Its revolutionary process allows the booth to apply a uniform amount of tanning solution to your entire body in just seconds. When the tanning process is finished, you simply step out of the spray tanning booth, towel off any excess mist, dress and exit. The result is a uniform, natural-looking golden bronze tan in less than five minutes. The real Lubbock Mystic Tan HD is finally here.  WATCH DEMO VIDEO