The Always Tan Lubbock Skin Care Center offers the industries' best in rejuvenating skin care products and services like the Hydration Station, Beauty Angel, Lumiere Facial in Zero Gravity Chair, and the best Sunless Tanning Lubbock could possible offer.

Hydration Station™ is the first revolutionary system that provides the skin surface with warm, topical, soothing moisture. Say "No" to dry skin with The Hydration Station's liquid vitamin shower and skin conditioning system. Relax with the Hydration Station's aroma therapy, massaging bed, and warm steam bath.  Lubbock Skin Care?  We make sure of that... (watch video)

The Amazing Beauty Angel is back at Always Tan. Come see for yourself what all the buzz is about and why customers are saying things like:

"My skin looks great, and the vibration makes me feel toned."

"I don’t know how it works, but I love it.”

“I work out twice a week, and when I do this machine at the end, I feel completely rejuvenated.”

This is our Lubbock Tanning Salon's dedication to your whole body.


Relax and feel the stresses of the day leave your body with a heated massage in the Harmony Zero Gravity chair as the Lumiere "turns back the clock" with LED Light. The patented Lumière uses an array of carefully arranged LEDs to deliver pure, uniform, narrowband light.

This takes you beyond mere "tanning Lubbock."  You've entered the global future of Lubbock Skin Care.